Kelly Xu
Curious George Uses the Potty?? Look. (Grownups skip this paragraph.) I’m not about to tell you this book has a tragic ending, I already said in the very first line how it was my favorite in all the world. But there’s a lot of bad stuff coming up, torture you’ve already been prepared for, but there’s worse. There’s death coming up, and you better understand this: some of the wrong people die. Be ready for it. This isn’t Curious George Uses the Potty. Nobody warned me and it was my own fault (you’ll see what I mean in a little) and that was my mistake, so I’m not letting it happen to you. The wrong people die, some of them, and the reason is this: life is not fair. Forget all the garbage your parents put out. Remember Morgenstern. You’ll be a lot happier. I know that "Curious George" is a cartoon. And i would like to know "Curious George Uses the Potty" here means there would be a scene in this cartoon about George uses a potty? Thanks.
Aug 19, 2014 9:55 AM
Answers · 1
I think the phrase basically means, "this isn't a children's story where there's a happy ending". "Curious George Uses the Potty" sounds like an imaginary story-title in the Curious George series. The addition of "uses the potty" (one of Curious George's adventures!) is absurd, but also refers to toilet training - a story about toilet training would be for very, very young children. So, the story the narrator is telling is not for very, very young children.
August 19, 2014
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