건 가요, -ㄴ 가요 _____한 건가요? _____한 가요? what are the differences?
Aug 19, 2014 11:11 PM
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Source: A-(으)ㄴ 가요?, V-나요? (is/were….there?, is/was it…?, are/were you…? Do/did you…?) Are used politely and gently to ask somebody a question. Adjectives (은)ㄴ 가요? is used. For verbs 나요 for future tense verbs use -(을)ㄹ 건가요? Use 은/ㄴ for present with adjectives. For past tense adjectives use 었/았나요? Source: 인가요, 건가요 Both of them should be "입니까" and "겁니까" in formal conversation respectively.^^ However in casual conversation "인가요" and "건가요" are often used instead. They both are casual and polite a bit.^^ (*겁니까 is a contraction of "것 입니까?") For example, 이것은 꽃입니까? is it a flower? (this kind of sentence is only found in a textbook^^) 이것은 꽃인가요? (more casual) 맞습니까? is it correct? = 맞는 겁니까? 맞는 건가요? (casual a bit) 맞아요? (more casual)
August 20, 2014
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