Will I confuse myself if I learn two languages of the same language group at the same time?(Romance) I am currently a student in school and I am going to start taking Spanish 3 in less than a month. Outside of school, I would like to start learning French but I fear that my Spanish level(currently about an intermediate level of B2) will decrease as I will start confusing the two languages. I am more worried about my Spanish because that affects my school grades which thus affect the college I get into and so on and so on. What do you think I should do in this situation? Thank you very much for your time!
Aug 20, 2014 12:58 AM
Answers · 4
That could happen. It depends on the languages you learn. If they are similar, it can happen that you get confused. I once learned Korean and Japanese and really started to get confused. Yesterday I talked with a Vietnamese girl and she asked me something in Chinese. My answer was a total mix of both language, using Chinese words with Vietnamese particles. Haha. The chance of confusion gets higher, when languages are similar, in structure and vocabulary...maybe Italian and French...German and English...Korean and Japanese etc...When you start learning, however, you will focus on your language and think about it deliberately.
August 20, 2014
If you need really good grades in Spanish for school, I would just concentrate really hard on the Spanish. The more time you spend with a language, the better you get, and the better your grades. You can take up French when you get to college! :)
August 20, 2014
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