how to say ages in Finnish? Hello, I am trying to learn Finnish at home. But I don't have any books yet. My current teacher is google translator hahaha.... But I will get some books soon. Ok, the question is how to say " I'm 24 years old."? Is it " Olen kaksikymmentäneljä vuosi vanha"? or something else? Because in French, people say " J'ai 24 ans" ( I HAVE 24 years old). They use "have" instead of "be". in Chinese, we say "我24岁" ( I 24 years old) There isn't a verb in between.
Aug 20, 2014 7:51 PM
Answers · 4
Vuotias is the word you're looking for. "Minä olen kaksikymmentäneljä vuotias"
August 21, 2014
Thank you ^^
August 28, 2014
You can also say "Olen kaksikymmentäneljä vuotta vanha." "Vuotta" is the accusative case of the word "vuosi". Kids say: "Olen neljä." "I am four." Well, I could say also: "Olen kolmekymmentäseitsemän." :) So, the verb is "be". You could check out the -site. They have a free trial period. Maybe you find some material. At least the Greek page is nice... You could also google "Finnish as a second language", in Finnish "suomi toisena kotimaisena". The vast majority or Finnish material is found, of course, here in Finland.
August 28, 2014
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