the meaning of this sentence Hello, everyone !!! The fun of playing the game Competition is the strongest incentive to industry . I wonder what the meaning is in this sentence ? PS: ( The meaning of this sentence, the meaning in this sentence; which is more correctly or natural?) Thanks in advance : D
Aug 21, 2014 5:40 AM
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I think the sentence may be missing punctuation, and the punctuation it is missing may clarify the meaning for some of us who would like to answer. I've read it over several times trying to find where this might have come from. My best guess is that it is an article headling, and sub-heading. If so, it might have appeared like this: The fun of playing the game Competition is the strongest incentive to industry In this case, the article headline would be "The fun of playing the game." In this case, "The game" would be a metaphor for business as business is often metaphorically referred to as a game where everyone wants to win, but not everyone will. Under that heading, I would imagine one section of that article would be on competition which is the strongest motivation in industry. Everyone wants to succeed, and they know they must improve and stay ahead of the competition in order to succeed. This fight for survival is what improves industry. That is what I would anticipate that section to be about. If I'm not correct about where this came from, then I would have to ask for clarification on the punctuation in order to clarify the meaning any more. My next guess is that this is two sentences, but I'd like to see what other possibilities this may have. For your last question, a more natural way to ask might be: What is the meaning of this sentence? or I'd like to understand the meaning of this sentence. Or if you want to use "wonder" I would incorporate it as: I wonder what that sentence means.
August 21, 2014
First of all, this is not one sentence. It is, in fact, two sentences. It should be; The fun of playing the game. Competition is the strongest incentive to industry. The meaning of each sentence should be much clearer now. In the first, it says playing a game is fun. Then the second sentence says that in business, the incentive (the reason) to succeed is to be better than your competition (other players). So, both sentences together are saying that business is like a game, the best players will win.
August 21, 2014
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