What does the verb "goose" mean? The assumption was that the Garabedians had taken over the group for its main asset, which was a building on Madison Avenue, but there were rumours that one or two of the magazines might be kept alive and, in the words of Garabedian the younger, "goosed." Financial analysts interpreted this as an indication of significant injections of their capital.
Aug 21, 2014 10:18 AM
Answers · 7
In the passage it suggests that goosed means that money will be invested in the magazines. The usual meaning of goose as a verb is to touch someones bottom without asking!
August 21, 2014
poke someone in the bottom
August 21, 2014
This confused me too, as I was only aware of the slightly vulgar meaning. But I've done some googling and found some other references to do with business, and also this dictionary entry: —v.t. 1. poke (a person) between the buttocks to startle. 2. Informal. a. to prod or urge to action or an emotional reaction: The promise of time off may goose the workers and increase profits. b. to strengthen or improve (often fol. by up): Let's goose up the stew with some wine. c. to increase; raise (often fol. by up): to goose up government loans in weak industries. d. to give a spurt of fuel to (a motor) to increase speed. So the second meaning seems to make sense. It seems to mean boost/improve. You can even see a connection in some ways with meaning number 1 - a sudden shock? kick in the backside?
August 21, 2014
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