how can i give my opinion in some thing In English we use i think, believe , in my point of view ......... But in Swedish I have problem to give my opinion in conversations
Aug 21, 2014 10:06 PM
Answers · 2
att tycka - to express personal opinion. Jag tycker att svenska är ett svårt språk. Hon tycker att Madonna sjunger bra. att tro - to believe something to be true. Jag tror att det kommer att regna imorgon. Han tror att Obama vinner valet. att anse - to consider, regard. Jag anser att ingen vinner på krig. De anser att han vann borde ha vunnit valet. enligt min mening, min åsikt är att - in my opinion Those are the ones I can think of now. You could also check this link: This link might be too difficult level, but it has alternatives for saying opinions, how to disagree etc. It's all in Swedish (ignore the few words in Finnish) and has some cultural points as well:
August 22, 2014
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