When it comes to...? What do you say in English when you suddenly remember something you would like to say? For example, you would like to know what is going on now about that someone mentioned before, and, you have just recalled something you would like to tell someone. 「そういえば」 相手に言いたいことを急に思い出したとき、英語で何といいますか? 例えば、以前誰かが言っていたことを思い出して、今それがどうなっているか知りたい時や、突然何かを思い出してそれを相手に伝えたい時など。Come to think of it,.... As I recall,...
Aug 23, 2014 2:54 AM
Answers · 4
Hi Maya, This is a good question. In this situation you would not use any of the phrases you wrote in the question. Here are the most common ways to express this: 1. What's up with...? (informal) 2. What ever happened with/to...? (average formality) 3. Oh! I just remembered about... (continue the expression with your question) All three are used a little differently. Example for 1: What's up with your leg? Is it still hurting? Example for 2: Whatever happened with your job interview? How did it go? Have you heard from the company? Example for 3: Oh! I just remembered about your vacation. How was it? I hope this is helpful. If you have additional questions you can ask them below. Thanks
August 23, 2014
A typical expression is "it all comes back to me now".
August 23, 2014
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