How to express that a product has better features than another one? In a small text about passports, I would like to say that my new passport has better anti-counterfeiting features than the previous one. Here is my attempt: "지난 여권도다 제 새로운 여권은 위조 반데 좋아요". Thanks ^^
Aug 23, 2014 1:52 PM
Answers · 3
It would be something like, 지난(저번) 여권보다 제 새로운 여권이 위조 방지가 잘 됩니다. or 지난(저번) 여권보다 제 새로운 여권이 위조가 잘 방지됩니다. We use "~보다 ~가/~이" when we compare two things. Also, it would be a bit awkward to use "반대" in this context. "반대" is used when we talk about opposite things or when we disagree with somebody. Ex. 나는 너의 의견에 반대해, I disagree with you./ I disagree with your opinion. 둘은 반대의 성격을 지녔다. The two of them have opposite(very different) personalities. Still I think that your attempt was not bad!:)
August 23, 2014
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