what did they say in English? 남자 : 이건 안 무섭죠? 여자 : 네, 안 무서워요. 진짜 말을 탄 기분이에요. 남자 : 저도 어렸을 때 타 보고 처음 타요. girl said she didn't afraid of it and then ? boy said that when he was a child and then what? why using present form there? (타 보고 처음 타요.)
Aug 23, 2014 3:46 PM
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I'm not sure the situation but, probably the woman says, "I'm not afraid, just feel like riding a horse."(but in real, she didn't ride a horse, right?), then the guy says, "It's been a long time since I was a kid." Did they ride a carousel or a rocking horse? :)
August 23, 2014
Hi Wei, 남자 : 이건 안 무섭죠? Man: This is not scary, is it? 여자 : 네, 안 무서워요. 진짜 말을 탄 기분이에요. Woman: Agree. It is not. I just feel like I'm riding a real horse. 남자 : 저도 어렸을 때 타 보고 처음 타요. Man: This is my first time too since I rode this when I was young. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. 진짜 ~하는 기분이에요. = I feel like I'm doing ~ for real. Ex. 진짜 말을 탄 기분이에요. = 진짜 말을 타는 기분이에요. = I feel like I'm riding a horse for real. 진짜 한국에 온 기분이에요. = 진짜 한국에 있는 기분이에요. = I feel like I'm in Korea for real. 2. 저도 어렸을때 타보고 처음 타봐요. = 저도(I also) 어렸을때(when I was young) 타보고(rode it) 처음(first time) 타봐요(try riding it). In this sentence, "어렸을때 타보고" is one phrase meaning "after/since I rode it when I was young". Hope it helps.
August 23, 2014
They are talking horseriding 말 is horse 타다 is the verb "ride"
August 23, 2014
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