How can i understand english dramas like " friends" exactly and clearly ?
Aug 23, 2014 3:49 PM
Answers · 3
Hi Anfinogenoff, The most important thing is to continue listening even if you do not understand everything they say. In addition to vocabulary you also learn important things like the rhythm and intonation of the language. If you find subtitles in English, watch with subtitles turned on. The words are not always the same, but if they are different you will still be able to understand the content of the show. I have a lot of experience with this method, so feel free to contact me with more questions. Hope this helps. Thanks!
August 23, 2014
Friends is an American TV programme, I believe. It is not English. It is IN English, of course! Wow! What a question! To understand every word of a TV programme in a language you are learning is not easy. I'll give a list of words that come to mind: but I'll leave it to someone else to give a full (and better) answer! Patience. Perseverance. Studiousness. And Cheerfulness in the face of Adversity.
August 23, 2014
If you can find a copy of these shows with English subtitles that's your best hope. Be aware that often subtitles are incorrect & laughably so.
August 23, 2014
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