essential words How to use , از، که، میشه، دیگه و فقط I'm trying to improve my grammar. What other words are essential to learn? Thank you for your time =)
Aug 23, 2014 11:27 PM
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از for telling about beginning of time A: shoma az key inja hasti? B: az sobh A:behem migi az khoone taa madrese cheghad raahe? B: hodoode 5 kiloometr/ shayad 10 daghighe از for telling about place/ people and everything which are resources The resources you have got anything or anybody which is from them A: ketabe farsi ro az koja kharidi?/ in gol ro az ki gerefti/
August 24, 2014
These should give you an idea of how "فقط" and "[دیگر [دیگه" are used: .ولی اون فقط یه اشتباه کوچیک بود : But that was only a slight mistake. !فکر کنم فقط دو مثال با "فقط" کافی باشه : I think only two examples for "faqat" would be enough! آیا] کس دیگه‌ای هست؟] : [Is there] anyone else? .شاید یه وقت دیگه : Perhaps some other time. .نباید انتظار داشته باشی دیگران برات انجامش بدن : You shouldn't expect others to do it for you. .با هم‌دیگه مهربون باشید : Be kind to each other. .دیگه تحمّل این گرما رو ندارم : I can't stand this heat any more/longer. .بهم قول بده که دیگه این کار رو نمی‌کنی : Promise me that you'll never do it again. .دیگه با هم حسابی نداریم : Now we're even.
August 24, 2014
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