Etiquette: When invited to someone's house in Mexico This is a very serious and real question. I will give more info in the "Additional Details" if allowed - I don't have room in the initial question. We have been invited to someone's house for dinner in Cancun. I assume (but am not certain) the lady is the one who has prepared this meal for us. This is a business relationship. What type of gift should we bring, and for whom? (Ex: wine for the man of the house? Flowers for the lady? Others?) I assume during dinner conversation, I should avoid business topics, but I'm not sure of customs here. Please advise. I think they are a little younger than my wife and me. How should we address the lady? (Ex: Sra. <husband's surname>? Another way?) Any other critical customs to observe? I know in Korea, there is a long list of protocols. I think there are some in Mexico, but I don't want to assume. Please advise.Background: A couple of years ago, I helped a company from Mexico with some of their technical challenges. when I brought them to Seattle for a lab, my wife (a Korean lady, and an exceptionally talented artist and cook) volunteered to cook for them and asked me to invite them to our home for dinner. I had never done this for any other customer I had worked with, but she wanted to because of their expressed interested in Korean culture. My wife REALLY outdid herself that night, and they had an exceptional evening.Now their company has taken off explosively, and their business is international. They have hired a CEO and other executives in specific areas to run their business. They have just opened an executive position in my area of expertise, reached out to me and asked me to fill it. As a result, they have brought my wife, son, and me to Cancun to interview for an executive position. One has invited me over to his house where his wife (I assume) will prepare a "Real Mexican Dinner" for us. I want to get the customs, and courtesies right for this.
Aug 24, 2014 1:59 PM
Answers · 2
Hi there! You have a lot of questions. So first at all i know it's a business relationship but you must be relax cause you're not gonna be working. We are usually really friendly and always try to make you feel comfy. It's nice to give some flowers and a nice wine. You can talk about Mexico maybe to start a nice conversation and it'll help you to know more about our culture. We don't have a lot of protocols but always be nice and grateful. Old people always say "a donde fueres haz lo que vieres" which means that you should act like the people in the house do. Cause we have different traditions in this country and something nice in the south could be not that nice in the north. Be polite and everything is gonna be fine! You know them because of their business so wear something nice, that doesn't look like you're going to work. And most of all enjoy it! I hope you can have a really nice time :)
August 26, 2014
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