And again... sinonyms Bonjour à tous! I have some more pair of words with similar words and hope you'll explain me :) Though if you know any dictionaries for the french language students where similar words are explaines, I would be very thankful :) The confusing words: jolie - belle commode - comfortable ville - cité venir - arrivealso: dire - parlerparce que - car
Aug 25, 2014 9:07 AM
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About «parce que - car»: You can begin a sentence with 'parce que', but not with 'car'. Furthermore, 'car' is supposed to be more formal than 'parce que'. You can find more here: About «dire - parler»: According to what I've learnt in Russian, 'parler' is just like 'говорить', whereas 'dire' is like 'сказать'. In other words, 'parler' is used when you are talking about something in a general manner . Another difference that I can remember is that sometimes 'dire' is used instead of 'to show' as in «que dit le baromètre ?» (what does the barometer show/say?)
August 27, 2014
jolie = pretty belle = beautiful (so not much difference with pretty) commode OR pratique = handy useful comfortable = nice to be in (comfortable chair, house, clothes) ville = town cite = not really used (in Quebec we used in it legal document) venir = to come (Paul vient avec nous = Paul is coming with us) arrive = to arrive (Paul arrive dans 5 min = Paul will be there/will have arrived in 5 min)
August 25, 2014
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