Help with the Future II! Werden Simple past- I became- Ich wurde Present Perfect- I have become - Ich bin geworden Past Perfect- I had become - Ich war geworden Future I- I will become - Ich werde werden Future II - I will have become - Ich werde geworden sein Sein Simple past- I was - Ich war Present Perfect- I was/ have been - Ich bin gewesen Past Perfect- I had been - Ich war gewesen Future I- I will be - Ich werde sein Future II - Ich werde gehabt sein Haben Simple past- I had - Ich hatte Present Perfect- I have had - Ich habe gehabt Past Perfect- I had had - Ich hatte gehabt Future I- I will have - Ich werde haben Future II - I will have had - Ich werde gehabt haben In the future II do germans really word it like that. I've never heard that before. For example how would you say: "I will have been shopping?", Ich werde einkaufen gewesen sein? All help appreciated!
Aug 25, 2014 7:55 PM
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Sein: Future II - Ich werde gewesen (!) sein Yes, the forms are correct. However, Futur I is not used that often (it's frequently replaced by Präsens + adverbial indicating future), and Futur II is rarely used at all, so it's no wonder you haven't heard it. :-) "I will have been shopping" is the continous form, there's no literal equivalent. "I will have shopped" = literally "Ich werde eingekauft haben." But as I said, Futur I is often replaced by the Präsens, so Futur II is replaced by the Perfekt: "Nachdem ich morgen eingekauft habe, will ich ins Kino gehen."
August 25, 2014
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