Learning Russian in Russia Does anyone have any experience of any Russian Language Schools and their intensive courses, are they any good?Having reached a reasonable level in Russian (B1). I'm thinking about making my first trip to Russia. I'm not particularly interesting in being a "tourist", but rather I want to get a feel for ordinary life and culture as well as taking the opportunity to advance my Russian. So I am thinking about how best I might do that. I will probably go to St Petersburg as this probably the cheapest destination in terms of plane tickets, and of course the city itself is a wonderful place. Language schools are one of the options I am looking at. I do like the idea of staying with a host family, as the price is reasonable and it would mean plenty of exposure to the language. However, the lessons seem to pretty expensive.
Aug 25, 2014 8:01 PM
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В Питере жизнь дорогая.
August 26, 2014
I agree that getting out there and talking with other people is the most important thing to do. One doesn't need to go to Russia to take only lessons. Ideas for socialising and getting maximum "talk time" would be much appreciated!
August 29, 2014
I did it without any classes. I simply studied for one hour each morning, AND I NEVER MISSED IT! I was also diligent in that one hour, working hard and being organized. But after that, I didn't let myself study any longer. (With the exception of the occasional browsing to look up a word or grammar principle or flash cards during down time). I would then make sure I started conversations with everyone I possibly could and ask them for help with the language. Not one bus ride went by where I at least didn't try to talk to my neighbor. The Russians usually love helping foreigners. My language progressed easily ten times faster than my friends who were taking Russian courses in Russian schools. (They probably could have progressed as fast, but they were afraid to start conversations with strangers. Once you can do that, the language comes so much faster.)
August 26, 2014
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