How to ake fro my customer give me the right address? 我遇到了一些客人,他们都会给邮箱的地址我, 例如Po Box xxxx,但是这样的地址无法寄出货物,我想要的是住宅的地址,什么街道,房号等。我应该怎么表达,并礼貌地询问呢? 这样可以吗? One day, a customer place an order and leave the address as below. For the delivery, it have to write street details. How can I ask for my customer? Contact Name: xxx Address: Po BOX xxxx Fairview, Alberta, Canada Zip Code: T0H1L0 Mobile: 7808350777 Hi friend, Could you please inform us your detail address? Not post box number . Thank you in advance. Is that right?
Aug 26, 2014 5:00 AM
Answers · 2
Hello, Friend. Could you please give us your physical address, not your PO Box number? Thank you very much! You want to ask for the physical address, not detail address. You may want to inform them why the PO Box is not sufficient.
August 26, 2014
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