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how do you use " in , on , at " ? who can help me? I am setting in/on the bus . I am on the street . I am in the office . we will meet at the staion who can help me ???
16 de oct de 2014 4:18
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There are no general rules.
16 de Octubre de 2014
The prepositions "in", "on" and "at" are used differently in American and British English sometimes. Other prepositions are also used differently in our two dialects as well sometimes. See the following Wikipedia article: From the article (my examples are for American English): 1. British athletes play in a team; American athletes play on a team. (Both may play for a particular team.) *** He plays for the New England Patriots. *** Who plays on the New England Patriots? 2. In American English, one always speaks of the street ON which an address is located, whereas in British English In can also be used in some contexts. *** I live on South Maple Street. *** I live in a big house. *** I work at / in / for a bank. 3. British English favours the preposition AT with weekend ("at (the) weekend(s)"); the constructions on, over and during (the) weekend(s) are found in both varieties but are all more common in American English than British English. ** We never say "at the weekend" in America. We say "on/over/during the weekend". *** What did you do over the weekend? *** Did you do anything fun over the weekend? *** On weekends, I like to go to the beach. Some examples of "at" in American English: 1. Mark: Where is Adam? -- Steve: He is at the beach. 2. Mark: Where is Adam? -- Steve: He is at Walmart. He wanted to pick up some bottled water. Some examples of "in" in American English: 1. He likes speaking in Irish. 2. There is a dog in the kennel. 3. They are dancing in the street. (I think British English actually uses "on" here instead. These are actually the lyrics to a famous American song though. :) ) 4. There is a woman in the crosswalk blocking traffic. 5. He is in trouble. 6. Can you put this in the microwave for 5 minutes? 7. In the fall, I like to carve jack-o-lanterns. 8. In an emergency, please call 911. 9. He is in a bad mood. 10. There was a fight at / in the mall.
16 de Octubre de 2014
-Usually in everyday conversation a person will say to their friends : " I'm on the bus" - you don't have to (put sitting), but if you are saying " I'm sitting on the bus" use 'on' not 'in'. - "I'm in the street", if someone is looking for you and you are telling them where you are. - You can say " I'm on the street ....... seashell" to let the person now what the street name is and where you are. - "I'm in the office" Good( : - " Are we going to meet at the station." sounds better than what you wrote, or you can say " Will we meet at the station?"
16 de Octubre de 2014
Some examples of "on" in American English: 1. There is a dragonfly on my sleeve. 2. There is a box on the table. 3. I am working on a story about a man who loses everything but manages to keep positive. 4. He is never on time. 5. He keeps getting on her nerves. 6. What is on the TV tonight? 7. He went on a trip to Thailand.
16 de Octubre de 2014
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