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Details on morning greetings My friend says to me (我的朋友说了): “老乔, 早上好。” Can I say (我可以说吗): “是啊。。太早吧” OR "是啊。。但是太早吧” OR ”是啊。。有太早吧“ I'm trying to be a little funny to my friend, saying "Yes it's a good morning - but it's too early, right?" Are any of these examples correct, or natural sounding?
5 nov. 2014 19:40
Answers · 7
You can say "早! —— 嗯, 还真早." The first 早 means "morning", which is a more informal greeting than 早上好. The second means "early".
6 novembre 2014
the hello you intent to show in a funny way just not quite there.. xiaokaoy has given a good choice, or maybe you can exaggerate a little bit in the adjective:是啊,的确很早(yes, good mornig indeed)
6 novembre 2014
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24 février 2015
早啊,不过(但是)太早了吧。I think this one can express what you meant, and your sentence is OK, but it is not very smooth.
6 novembre 2014
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