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주당 meaning What is the meaning of "주당" in the following phrase? I only got the meaning drinker from daum and naver dic, but it doesn't seem to be right in this case... 한국인의 주당 텔레비전 시청 시간응 22.4 시간에 이르며... Thanks
6 de nov de 2014 3:32
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-당 is a suffix which means "마다" "per; for each" 주 means "week" 주당 means "per week" ~당(當) = 每~ 주당(週當) = 每星期
6 de Noviembre de 2014
Check out the examples on daum: - by itself, and probably in your example, it seems to mean "per week". But if it follows another noun, it can mean "per Noun", like "per share", etc. You'll see in the examples.
6 de Noviembre de 2014
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