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What does it mean? When do you say that? You have nothing over me. Is it the same with, """ You have nothing on me. """
7 Th11 2014 20:40
Answers · 2
Both of the phrases can be interpreted in a couple different ways if you're trying to say either "you're no better than me" or "you do not know anything about me that could hurt me." They could both be used interchangeably and still be understood. "You have nothing on me" is the phrase that I hear a lot more often in the US.
7 tháng 11 năm 2014
Hey no not exactly, you would probably not use them interchangeably. "You have nothing on me" you as slang. Ex. A. Hey check out my be dance move! B. haha "you have nothing in me" Now "you have nothing over me" you would use if say, someone threatens to say something about you or whatever. You would say "you have nothing over me". As to say your threats are empty. Well I hope this helps you, I don't know if I was very clear but this were the best examples I could come up with. Best Regards.
7 tháng 11 năm 2014
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