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Ieri mattina, mio figlio mi ha detto:"Quando sarai morte, mi daresti la carta d'autobus?---corretto? My son wanted very much to take the bus card in his hand.
14 Kas 2014 23:24
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I would say: Mi darai il biglietto dell'autobus, quando sarai morto/a. I believe it is a children game with the meaning: Ti ammazzo se non mi dai il biglietto:-) I don't think there is a need to use the subjunctive. The conditional is totally different meaning.
15 Kasım 2014
You would say, "Quando tu sia morto, mi DARAI la carta d'autobus?" "Sia" because "quando" refers to a hypothetical condition in the future, so you have to use the present subjunctive. And "darai", because it's the simple future. To use the conditional, you'd have to say, "Se tu FOSSI morto, mi daresti la carta d'autobus?" Hope that helped!
15 Kasım 2014
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