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Could you reccommend me a good book to prepare the Cambrige Certificate in Advance English?
20 nov 2014 16:15
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Hi Tamara. When I prepared for the CAE, I found this link very useful: If you scroll down the page you will find 4 links. They point to free samples of test simulations. You can try them for free as many times you want and get an automatic correction.
20 novembre 2014
Hola Tamara: Cambridge University Press has a very good textbook, Complete CAE. It is excellent in showing exactly what is need for the exam and has an example exam to help you practise. But I think it's quite expensive. I think has example exam questions to practice, too. Saludos: Simón.
20 novembre 2014
Any of the Cambridge University Press books will help you prepare. By the way, a good start would be to make sure you know the correct name of the exam you're hoping to take. It is called the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English.
20 novembre 2014
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