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Hope v.s Wish Could you please tell me what different between hope an d wish? thx
23 نوفمبر 2014 17:48
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If you google "hope vs. wish", you will find many webpages that discuss this issue. My own view is that "hope" is used when the person believes that the thing desired could actually happen in the future, or could have actually happened in the past. The verb "wish" is used when the person believes that what he desires cannot happen, is very unlikely to happen, or didn't happen in the past. Examples of "hope": "I hope he will visit me tomorrow." (I'm not sure if he will visit me, but there is a real possibility he will visit me.) "I hope he got a good grade in his math test yesterday." (I'm not sure if he got a good grade, but there is a real possibility that he got a good grade.) Examples of "wish": (Today is Sunday.) "I wish today were Friday." (The thing desired is contrary to fact.) (Mary is a very unfriendly person, and you are sure she won't help you.) "I wish Mary would help me with my homework." (You use "wish" because you believe that what you desire is unlikely to happen.) (John died last week.) "I wish John hadn't died." (The thing desired is contrary to what happened in the past. That is, it is contrary to reality.)
23 نوفمبر 2014
1. 'Hope' is a positive expectation. I hope you enjoyed the evening. I hope she likes the flowers. I hope it'll be sunny tomorrow. 2. 'Wish' can be used in two ways: a). As an ordinary verb indicating a desire for something to be different from how it really is or was - wish+ verb phrase If you are poor, you say 'I wish I were rich'. If a girl doesn't like you, you'd say 'I wish she liked me.' If you just said something stupid, you'd say 'I wish I hadn't said this. b) In certain set phrases - wish + noun I wish you every happiness We wished them good luck They wished him happy birthday.
23 نوفمبر 2014
The meanings overlap. "Hope" means you expect it to happen and will be disappointed if it does not. "Wish" carries the sense of asking, petitioning, praying for something you want, something that seems difficult or impossible. "I hope the weather forecast is right, because I didn't bring my umbrella." "I hope I am going to pass the examination." "I wish I my car could fly so that I could escape from traffic jams." "I wish I could be a movie star." "When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires will come to you..."
23 نوفمبر 2014
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