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possibility in the past I don't know how to say something would happen in the past. Someone can tell me what is the sentence structure I should use for that.
Nov 25, 2014 2:21 AM
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You express possibility in the past with the modals 'could' and 'might' + have + the past participle. e.g. He might have got lost. (He was supposed to be here but he is late.) They could have run all the way. Negative It couldn't have been a ghost. It might not have been him. (not 'mightn't -it is possible but very old fashioned)
November 25, 2014
Mathieu, I would like to help you, but it is not clear from your question what you are asking. Could you describe a concrete scenario? We shall then tell you how to say what you want to say in the correct tense(s).
November 25, 2014
You question is titles "possibility in the past". A way to word something something like that would be for example, 1. ____ might have happened in the past 2. I think ____ was _____ Again, words like "was", "happened", "did", "didn't", "may have", etc are all words representing "past tense"
November 25, 2014
When you are telling about something that happened in the past you use "past tense" terms. For example, adding "ed" at the end of some words. (Happening = now, Happened = past) "will" is a word for the future. "I will go to the store" "is" and "am" are words for now "He is tired", "I am tired" "was" is a word for the past "I was at the store 15 minutes ago" This is hard to explain in a simple response, but those are a few examples
November 25, 2014
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