l’enchainement, la liaison #1 Je suis américiane. #2 Ce film est nul. Must there be "la liason" between "suis" and "américiane"? Is "l'enchinement" allowed between "film" and "est" ? I was told a pronounciation rule that "l’enchainement" is not allowed between a noun subject and "être". On the other hand, between "être" and the direct object which begins with a vowel sound, "la liaison" is a must.
Nov 25, 2014 9:25 AM
Answers · 10
1. Yes, mandatory 2. it's up to you. I don't. Don't stress too much about it all.
November 25, 2014
Je suis américaine Do you talk about the phonetic sounds? Dans "Je suis américaine", le son est comme un z (je suiZaméricaine) Dans "Ce film est nul", la liaison se fait "Le film'est nul"
November 25, 2014
#1. this "liaison" is optional #2. "enchaînements" happen everywhere. That rule you mention is for "liaisons".
November 25, 2014
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