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Go under VS break down As part of a multiple choice exercise, I have to fill in the blanks in the following sentences using "break down" and "go under". The meanings sounds quite similar to me, so I can't decide which is which: 1. Negotiations__________after an hour because they just couldn't find a compromise. 2. If turnover is as slow as last year we'll probably ___________.
Nov 25, 2014 11:25 AM
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to break down: to stop working (machines, especially vehicles) to lose control of one's emotions (e.g. to break down and cry) to not continue, to fail, when talking about agreements, deals, etc. [this is what you want with "negotiations"] to go under: to physically go under (e.g. the table, water) to be hypnotised (e.g. to be under a spell) to be named some other identity to go bankrupt (for businesses) [this is what you want with the bad turnover]
November 25, 2014
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