develop a career in a company Thanks for your previous answer but I didn´t mean " get promotion" as suggested. It is not always easy to express myself when asking. Really sorry. I need to say " desarrollar/ forjarse una carrera profesional en una empresa " my attempt " to develop/ build a career in your company" thank you
Nov 26, 2014 11:20 PM
Answers · 1
This doesn't directly answer your question, but I have some advice. I assume you are writing a letter to a company you want to work for. The problem with your phrase is that it focuses on what the company can do for you. You want to write about how you can help the company. Companies hire people who can help their business grow or be more profitable.. If the employee has a good career, that's great, but it's not their goal. Can you rephrased your career goal in a way that tells them why you are valuable and how you can help them? Just some thoughts, but coming from a lot of experience in these situations.
November 27, 2014
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