Kelly Xu
Only four are offered throughout the year??? Everyone knows i am having my evaluation today. Only four are offered throughout the year, and slots are determined well in advance. For the last sentence, i would like to know whether it means "only four people have the chance to have the evaluation every year" or "there are only four days for evaluation throughout the year"? Thanks. And whether "slots" means "schedule for evaluation" or "places for evaluation"? Thanks.
Nov 27, 2014 5:11 AM
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I think the sentence is open to interpretation, but my first reaction to the statement would be that: There are only four evaluation sessions given throughout the year. Each session has multiple slots, but these slots are determined well in advance. Without more information, I cannot say for sure, but it is possible/likely that each evaluation takes place over the course of one day, as you noted (so there would be four days of evaluations). I think it is highly *unlikely* that only four people are evaluated throughout the entire year (otherwise there would not be multiple time slots).
November 27, 2014
i'd need more context to know what's going on. what i'm guessing is happening is that there is an evaluation for 4 spot. everyone is evaluated at one time (now) and then a committee decides who will fill the spots (which are distributed throughout the year). so... 1. many people will be evaluated, but they will only choose 4 2. slots means available positions this is just a guess on my part
November 27, 2014
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