Please. I wish these five sentence would be corrected. [1] Although we could not communicate with words, our eyes did all the talking and filled our time intense emotion. The insertion of 'all' in this sentence seem awkward to me. What does 'all' mean in this? I know 'do the talking' just means 'talk', right? [2] You've grown much stronger. Though you're but a human, it was an impressive battle. It says "you're but a human" The insertion of 'but' seems unnatural to me. Do you think it is natural or just a typo? Shouldn't it be 'just' or 'only' instead of 'but'? [3] You are the only hope we have left at this point. Is it correct and natural? [4] Whatever the reason may be, you once shared the same ideology as us. Q. I wonder if this sentence is correct. Because I think it should be "you once shared the same ideology with us" or "you once shared the same ideology as ours" What do you think? [5] I politely requested for this woman to be a model for my drawing. Please correct this if any mistakes founded. Thank you.
Nov 27, 2014 8:39 PM
Answers · 1
Bunch Son: just a thought for the future. You may want to split up a long request into more, smaller questions. Having them all together requires the responder to do a lot of work to answer everything. 1. "All" means "every bit of" or that the eyes talked, but nothing else did. You also need a "with" between time and emotion near the end. 2. "Only" would be fine here. It has essentially the same meaning in this case as "but" 3. Perfect 4. I like your suggestion ending "with us", but I'd write, "you once shared our ideology." 5. I politely requested that this woman be a model for my drawing.
November 28, 2014
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