Any difference between chô nên and vì thế (mà)? According to some online dictionary, both can mean "that's why...", but vì thế (mà) can also mean "that's the reason why..." Chính vì thế đấy = It's precisely for this reason. (The reason was given previously by the interlocutor). Hôm nay tôi bị bịnh, vì thế mà tôi không đi làm. = Today I am sick, that's why I don't go to work. Anh không ăn cho nên anh mới gầy = You don't eat, that's why you are skinny. Based on other examples and these ones above, I could see that "vì thế" doesn't require the reason to be given in the same sentence, while "cho nên" does. Is that correct? Cám ơn!
Nov 28, 2014 1:52 AM
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Hi, " vì thế" and "cho nên" are the same meaning with conjunction "so" (therefore) Clause A ( reason) + [vì vậy/vì thế nên/chính vì thế nên/ vì thế nên/vì thế mà/ nên/ cho nên] + clause B ( result, or way to solve a problem ) . When you make a sentence with " vì thế" , the word "thế" seems like the relative pronoun in English , so you need to mention about the reason in the same sentence. In daily conversation, simply, we often say "nên" . Ex: Nó lười biếng NÊN nó thi rớt [là phải]. (He was lazy so he failed the test.) Trời mưa NÊN mẹ ở nhà. (It rained so mom stayed at home.) Tôi bị lạc NÊN tôi gọi anh ấy ra đón. ( I got lost so I called him to pick me up.) When you make a question when you feel surprise at the reason (of course someone mention about the reason first) , you can ask: "- Vậy đó hả? -Vậy hả? -Thế đó hả? -Chính vì thế hả? And if your friend ensure that's true, he/she will say -Ừ, vậy đó. - Ừ, chính vì thế đấy. Even we can say both all of them such as "....chính vì thế cho nên..." with the same meaning cause- result. -
November 28, 2014
Dear Valeuraph I used to be a Vietnamese Teacher. Regarding to your question: 1. Vì thế and cho nên: have the same meaning "therefore, so" Both of them required the reason, the reason my be in the same sentence, may be not. But the reason is mandatory 2. chính vì thế: is to emphasize the reason (more emphasized than "vì thế" and "cho nên")
December 4, 2014
Hi, I'm Quang..I'm from 's so great to know that you wanna learn vietnamese..I think i can help you learn vietnamese.So i hope you will teach me email: [email protected]: quangsky1311.. About your question, in vietnamese, "vì thế" is the same as "cho nên",they are all like "so".. "That's why" you can understand as " đó là lí do tại sao",do you get it?..hope it"ll help you
November 28, 2014
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