please help Why my messages didn't showing?
Nov 28, 2014 1:03 PM
Answers · 7
Hello Dus: Cannot say for certain; but sometimes when messages are posted on Italki, it may take a couple of hours for the message to appear. .
November 28, 2014
Maybe you mean your introduction. It's not clear what message you mean. With some things on italki you have to wait a day or so (changes in your profile etc.) Why is my message not showing up? or Why did my message not show up? Dus, maybe wait a day and check again. Do sveedanya!!! Dave
November 28, 2014
maybe network problems
November 29, 2014
I mean personal messages,it coming but didnt showing!
November 28, 2014
I can see this message
November 28, 2014
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