Translating Sentences... 大家好! I don't mean to bother, but I need help translating some sentences (again) from English to Chinese >~< (Notes in parenthesis are for those who are translating. The notes aren't meant to be translated, only translate what is in quotation marks " " ) 1) "I volunteer at St.Francis Medical Center." 2) "I’m there at least 4 hours a day on weekends." 3) "We have to wear a uniform and carry a badge." 4) "I have to answer phone calls from patients, doctors, and nurses." 5) "We get anything we need from the supply room." 6) "We have to make packets* for nurses. " (*The packets I'm referring to are packets of paperwork*) 7) "Our food is paid for." 8) "We get the patient’s food from the kitchen." 9) "We can take patient’s vital signs." (*Vital signs are blood pressure, temperature, oxygen, etc*) 10) "We have to make sure the carts are stocked." 11) "The most important thing: We always have to keep everything clean!! " 谢谢你!!!!!!!!
Nov 30, 2014 5:41 AM
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1 我在圣弗朗西斯医院做志愿者 2 每周末我在那儿至少4个小时 3 我们得穿制服和戴徽章 4 我得接来自病人,医生和护士的电话 5 我们需要的东西都可以从库房里取 6 我们得帮护士做文件袋 7 我们有免费的工作餐 8 我们从厨房里帮病人取他们的食物 9 我们可以帮病人测量他们的生命体征 10 我们得确保小车上物资充足 11 最重要的事情是:我们得时刻注意保持所有设备的清洁
November 30, 2014
1. 我在圣弗朗西斯医疗中心当志愿者。 2. 在周末,我每天都会在那儿待上至少4个小时。 3. 我们每个人都必须穿工作服,并且佩戴工作牌。 4. 我负责应答那些由患者,医生,和护士们打来的电话。 5. 在库房我们可以拿到我们所需的任何东西。 6. 我们需要为护士们整理并打包她们的文件资料。 7. 我们的午餐(由公司)报销。 (Here I'm not sure who paid for the food? You or the Medical Center?) 8. 在厨房里,我们可以帮患者们取到她们的食物。 9. 我们会帮患者们做一些(量血压,测体温,等)常规的测量。 10. 我们需要确保手推车上的医疗用品物资充足。 11. 最重要的是,我们需要确保一切东西都是干净整齐的。
November 30, 2014
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