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《把》的意思是什么? "古希腊、古罗马的哲学家们从一开始就把目光投向自然,探求自然的奥秘,企图做自然的主人" 我看懂全句子的意思,但是我不知道《从一开始就把目光投向自然》怎么翻译英语。 那个《把》 的意思是to handle或者那是particle marking the following noun as a direct object (也不知道汉语什么说)吗? 然后, 《从一开始》的意思是from the begginig 吗?
Dec 1, 2014 5:19 AM
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1."particle marking the following noun as a direct object" seems to be what "把" serves as in your sentence .And this is how that particular function of "把" is explained in a Chinese Dictionary:"用在宾语之前,宾语之后跟着及物动词,表示处置,致使或动作行为的结果" example: 请把门关上 . 门:宾语 关上:及物动词 2.yes,"从一开始" means "from the beginning".
December 1, 2014
“把” is opposit to "被"(passive), so you can think about the "passive voice" in englich, to understand the opposit.
December 1, 2014
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