게 되다 Hello this grammar ...why we use past but the meaning is future like this 나는 이 학교에서 가르치게 됐어요 and the translation for it in our book .I will be teaching ar this school ... thanks ;-)And some times we wrote it like future ...존응 그 회사에서 일하게 될 거예요 .... Another example in present and means future too .. 나는 내년에 대학생이 됩니다 ... So I really dont know when o should use 댔다 or 됩니다 or 될 거예요 ??
Dec 1, 2014 3:15 PM
Answers · 1
~게 되다. means "It is decided that" ~게 되었다. means "It was decided that" ~게 될 것이다. means "It will be decided that" ~이/가 되다 means "become" 나는 이 학교에서 가르치게 됐어요 It was decided that I would teach at this school. 존은 그 회사에서 일하게 될 거예요 It will be decided that John will work for that company. 나는 내년에 대학생이 됩니다 . I will become a college student next year.
December 2, 2014
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