Could you find the mistakes in this passage? But after the assassination of the father of nation, trial of the war criminals was halted due to the politics of expediency of the military dictators. On top of that those devilish miscreants were rehabilitated by those governments. For this reason, a movement was aroused by the leadership of Jahanara Imam and a symbolic Gana-Adalat was established as well. This utterly important movement was accelerated by the members civil society and martyred families. After the historical triumph of Awami League in the ninth parliamentary elections this suffocated trial has been revived again and Awami league government has formed tribunal to bring the war criminals under trial. But the verdict of Abdul Quader Molah frustrated and astound the whole nation. At this stage the earth shaking Gonogaron Mancha was formed on 5 February in 2013 by the leadership of our young generation.
Dec 1, 2014 9:26 PM
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Please post longer passages such as this to the "Notebook" section of the community tab. The notebook form gives us more tools to make it simpler for us to correct these large passages and makes it simpler for you to see the mistakes. I'll keep an eye out for it there :)
December 1, 2014
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