NON separable disyllabic verbs Hello I know most of disyllabic verbs in chinese are separable and have the V + O structure, like 吃饭 or 结婚. But I want to know a brief list with the most common NON separable dysillabic ones, for example 收拾, the kind of ones that can only be reduplicated using the ABAB pattern. Thanks a lot
Dec 2, 2014 11:02 PM
Answers · 6
Actually, 收拾 can be separated into two verbs, 收 and 拾. But they have the same meaning. There are bunch of verbs which are not in that structure(V+O). 吩咐 叮咛 整理 改革 关闭 收获 智力 汇集 收集 筛选 提高 缩小 注意………… BTW: Those can not be separated words are called “单纯词” in Chinese. The others are "合成词". You can try to look them up.
December 2, 2014
no textbook provides such list, even a brief one otherwise -- how to keep active the myth "Chinese is H.A.R.D."? much pain no gain this is the aim :))
December 3, 2014
some examples of the NON separable dysillabic words in ABAB patterns 收拾收拾/打扫打扫 to clean up/ to pack things up 琢磨琢磨 to consider, to think 找找 to search/ to look for 打听打听 to ask/to look up
December 3, 2014
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