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Please explain a grammar in this sentense "이야기하자고 해놓고 자기가 안하나ㅔ" "이야기하자고 해놓고 자기가 안하나" I can understand this sentense from context. but Grammar so hard i cant understand by clearly. 해놓? 자가가 안하? what ia grammar of 안하 that is 안해? so,,,in 안하나 what is gramma of 나?
Dec 3, 2014 10:04 AM
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해 놓고 is composed of 하(다)+어+놓(다)+고 하(다) means "to do,say" 어 is a connecting particle 놓다 is an auxiliary verb adding nuance of possession 고 is a connecting particle For more information, refer to 안 하나 is composed of 안+하(다)+나 안 is a adverb meaning "not" 하(다) means "to do" 나 is an ending partcle used for question. Refer to "이야기하자고 해놓고 자기가 안하나" He said,"Let's talk about it". However, don't he himself do it?
December 3, 2014
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