Alipay account Hello! I'm trying to register an Alipay account but i do not understand what this message is telling me. What am i doing wrong? Thanks for your help!! Error message: 姓名格式为汉字或“·”。 Context: 设置身份信息请务必准确填写本人的身份信息,注册后不能更改,隐私信息未经本人许可严格保密 若您的身份信息和快捷支付身份信息不一致,将会自动关闭已开通的快捷支付服务。 真实姓名
Dec 3, 2014 11:23 AM
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Error message: 姓名格式为汉字或“·”。(name contains chinese character or “·”) Context: 设置身份信息请务必准确填写本人的身份信息,注册后不能更改,隐私信息未经本人许可严格保密(Be sure to accurately fill out your identity information. It can not be changed after registration. Your private information are kept strictly confidential.) 若您的身份信息和快捷支付身份信息不一致,将会自动关闭已开通的快捷支付服务。(If your identity information and express payment identity information <快捷支付身份> is inconsistent, the express payment service you have already applied will be automatically closed.) 真实姓名(real name)
December 3, 2014
Thanks Huii and Kraut9 for your replies! Thanks Hannah for carefully translating the message! Unfortunately, i was not inserting any weird character nor that "point" symbol. I'll follow Kraut9 suggestion and get the help of a local to do it. Thanks all!
December 8, 2014
I have no idea, but using latin letters is absolutely no problem. Does your name has any umlauts, accented letters or skandinavian letters? You should convert them. Error message on Taobao/Alibaba are quite common. They are poorly written and not userfriendly. My suggestion is, you are in 上海, go to your bank, get one of the bank staff to help you. Ask for one that uses Taobao or Alipay.
December 6, 2014
Your name can't appear symbols like "·" . We don't have this kind of format in Chinese names.Maybe you should remove "·".
December 3, 2014
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