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part 1 ) plz help me out with my Qs. ( plz also check next parts) Thesedays I'm reading korean children stories ( 동화) to improve my korean.I'll be appreciate if some one mind answering me. Be sure I'll do check all things in dictionary before asking anything I don't want to give my dear friend's time ,I just ask the parts that were not mentioned in the dictionary or I couldn't find the meaning or understand the concept. So Help me to do better with u're beautiful language that I lOvE ..thanx ... actually the story I'm reading is about a hungry fox trying to get to a 포도밭 and eat just wanted to give a background . OK , Now my Qs 1) In this sentence --> the meaning of 만한 그래서 포도밭 울타리 여기저기를 살피며 들어갈 만한 구멍을 찾아보았어요. 2)In this sentence---> the meaning of 정신없이 and 따 포도밭에 들어간 여우는 배가 고파서 정신없이 포도를 따 먹었지요.
Dec 4, 2014 8:38 PM
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1) 그래서 포도밭 울타리 여기저기를 살피며 들어갈 만한 구멍을 찾아보았어요. The pattern here is verb stem + ㄹ 만하다 (ㄹ 만한 a modifier) ㄹ 만하다 This means worthy of ... worth the effort, sufficient, .. He found a hole worth going into.. meaning he found a suitable hole. Other examples: 집에 먹을 만한 것이 없다 There is nothing to eat in the house. (It doesn't mean there is no food at all, just nothing worth eating.. no desire to eat what is available) 믿을 만한 사람 a person who is worth trusting (a reliable person) 볼만한 영화 a movie worth watching 읽을 만한 책 a book worth reading 아직 쓸 만해요 (It) is still worth using... (it might be broken, old etc) but it is still useful. 만하다 can also be used with nouns to mean the size of.. or to the extent of noun + 만하다 주먹만한 돌 a rock the size of a fist 2) 정신없이 means without control, with wild abandon 따 먹다 is a combination verb.. 따다 (to pick) and 먹다 to eat.. so it means to pick and eat (by oneself)
December 4, 2014
if you see a verb together with ㄹ and 만한, mostly it is equivalent to the english way of saying XXX-able where XXX is the verb. ex. discoverable = 찾아낼 만한. Its literal meaning is -worthy
December 4, 2014
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