Useful books/resources I love seeing all the posts from non-natives that are learning Arabic. I would like to know from you non-natives, what books you use or what resources you find useful in advancing your Arabic studies. Also, what aspects of Arabic did you or do you find challenging? Thank you in advance!
Dec 6, 2014 2:01 PM
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استفدت فی البدایۃ من "میزان الصرف " فی الاُردیۃ ،و" اقناع الضمیر" فی النحو ، "ھدایۃ النحو" للقواعد العربیۃ ، و "النحو الواضح" الابتدائی و کنت اُطالع للحوار "العربیۃ للناشیئن لغیر الناطقین بھا" ، وبعد التمکّن علی فھم العربیۃ صاحبت قصص النبیین و القراُۃ الراشدۃ لاُبی الحسن علی الحسنی الندوی و "معلم الانشاء" و "الاُسلوب الصحیح"۔
December 6, 2014
The great book is Lughatuna al-Fusha by Samia Louis contains three books other important resources :
December 6, 2014
Are you need names of the books you to learn Arabic
December 11, 2014
Me too, I use al Kitab book, with Levantine and Egyptian dialects. Also I try to read books and see videos in Arabic. And this site I like a lot : is in Spanish.
December 10, 2014
Hello, for my case: can say i dont really have much materials. what i can find on my local is small pocket book ( phrase book) so, i got teach yourself arabic aswell, i often read those repeately, but i noticed that all kinds of phrase books are similar, and sometimes i go to local liberly to read too, itz the same, itz grammar books and phrasebooks again, but yeah, i read it as much as possible, and now i can more and more recognize and read them without the vowels marks. thatz it. sometime, i bang into arabe ppl on the street and i start to convers with them. and i found it very challenging that i can use it in real life. and hope you having good time in learning it too. good luck.
December 7, 2014
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