Hydroxylapatit-Keramik Granulat fuer Zahn 1. Je nach Ausdehnung des zur Erhoehung vorgesehenen Abschinittes wird von einem order zwei nur uber den Kieferkamm and quer zu diesem verlaufenden Mucoperiostschnitten der Alveolarfortsatz dargestellt =according extension of incision for augementation, alveolar process is shown by one or two over the alveolar ridge and transverse to this perpendicular mucoperiosteal incision? 2.Bei alveolaerem Kollaps order der gratartigen Form der Alveolarfortsatz-Atrophie wird von einem Kieferkammschnitt aus der Alveolarfortsatz dargestellt =in case of alveolar collaps or gratartigen Form of alveolar process atrophy, alveolar process is shown by alveolar ridge ??
Dec 7, 2014 7:39 AM
Answers · 1
1) Abschnitt = part, not incision darstellen = medical term which I don't fully understand myself, it seems to be used in the sense of "make visible or open up through incisions etc." So something like: The alveolar process (bone) will be opened up/displayed by one or two mucoperiosteal incisions that only run over/above the alveolar ridge in traverse direction (i.e., don't extend further than that). The extension of the part selected for height increase determines if one or two cuts are necessary. 2) In case of alveolar collapse, or a alvolear atrophy that leads to a burr-like form (a sharp thin edge), [one cannot do the above procedure, so instead one must do this:] the alveolar process will be opened/up displayed by an incision into the alveolar ridge itself.
December 7, 2014
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