Does these sentences sound natural? 1.Men prefer to dress simply. (I mean that they like wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Can I use "simply" in this sentence?) 2.She likes performing on a stage.This also applies to participating in competitions. (I want to say "She likes performing on a stage as well as participating in competions." in two sentences, but I'm not sure about "This also applies to")*Do these sentences sound natural?
Dec 7, 2014 11:20 AM
Answers · 4
1. Yes, that's just what it means. 2. I'd say 'on the stage' or 'on stage' - both are set adverbial phrases, and don't refer to any one stage in particular. You could say 'This also applies to' here. It does sound a little awkward, though, because it it's a relatively formal expression, generally used to refer back to a more complex phrase or idea than simply 'She likes'. Your second version (.. as well as..) sounds more natural.
December 7, 2014
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