How to call disease that we never know unless we have checkup? Is there any medical term for this disease? Please help me to answer it:D Thanks in advance!!
Dec 7, 2014 12:09 PM
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latent disease
December 7, 2014
If you are describing a disease, you could maybe say that 'it has no outward/visible/obvious signs or symptoms'.
December 7, 2014
Thanks so much!! You're amazing:D
December 8, 2014
I should not have said that "worded" is a verb. Actually, it is an adjective describing the noun English, i.e., worded English. And the rule is that we use an adverb before an adjective, so "poorly worded English (adv/adj/n)". Other examples includes: poorly cooked food (adv/adj/n) / freshly picked vegetables / recently discovered information / wonderfully sung song / perfectly written question ...
December 7, 2014
Thank you Fonso. If I were trying to learn your language I would also have the same problems that you have, but your English is good enough for everyone to understand. Here is a better way to write your message to me: "Sometimes it's just confusing for me to decide which word I should use... I often use poorly worded English when I write." ["poor" is an adjective that describes a noun, but when we a word to describe a verb such as the verb "worded", then we must use the adverb. So, poor is an adjective and poorly is the adverb. Sometimes you can describe if a word should be an adverb by saying (thinking) the word "how". For example: My Khmer language skills are poor (adj). I speak your language (how???)... poorly. I ran (how???)... quickly. I slept (how???)... well [not "good"]. I hope this helps a little bit. You're doing very well, so keep practicing and you will improve. BTW, one of my favourite restaurants in my city (called Kingston) is a Cambodian restaurant.... mmmm... tastes so good :)
December 7, 2014
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