arabic to english فقد أقام تنظيم الدنيا، ولم يقعدها منذ أن أطل برأسه في ميدان القتال والسياسة والدين والمرأة، سواء بما أشيع عنه وحوله من عنف وبطش أو بتعليماته الصارمة، التي كان للمرأة منها النصيب الأوفر. shokrannn
Dec 7, 2014 2:47 PM
Answers · 3
The organization did set the world on fire since It stuck his head in the fighting fields including politics, religion and women's , either It was rumored of the violence and oppression or It's strict instructions, which the women had the largest part of them(large part of strict rules and instructions) Note: أقام تنظيم الدنيا، ولم يقعدها word by word translation is 'raising up and doesn't allow to settle down' but It's mean set the world on fire
December 7, 2014
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