Dec 9, 2007 11:08 AM
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December 19, 2007
Hi, there are a few differences. In spelling the most recognisable difference is the frequency in use of 'z' in US spelling, rather than 's' in most English speaking nations. Example, where US use "recognize" or "industrialize", England use "recognise" or "industrialise". This works for all the -ise, -ised, -isation (or -ize, -ized, -ization) variations. Another common difference is the absence of 'u' in the –our suffix. Example, where US use "labor" or "harbor", England use "labour" or "harbour" By far, the differences between US English and English are predominantly in turns of phrase, naming of objects/items and the meanings of words, rather than the spelling. There are literally thousands of differences, however all you need to remember is that the English way is the right way and the US way is wrong. hehe
December 9, 2007
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