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why didn't I ever know that? / why don't i ever know that? If Someone is letting me know an information that i didn't know before and then i am realizing i was mistaken now, which one is more correct between 'why didn't i ever know that?' and 'why don't i ever know that?' in this situation? i think the first one seems close to the correct one.. but to realize that i was mistaken is happening now!! .. Using the second one sounds awkward in this situation? if so, when can i say 'why don't i ever know that?'? it's confused(is it right? or do i need to say "confusing?") for me to choose a right english tense. thanks in advance :)
May 27, 2015 4:03 PM
Answers · 3
I agree that the word "ever" shouldn't be used here. It makes the statement sound unnatural / odd. As Oliver said, you should say "Why didn't I know that (before)?" instead. You could also say, "Wow. How did I not know that?"
May 27, 2015
What's making it sound very awkward is the word 'ever.' Saying 'Why didn't I know that?' is fine. Also information is uncountable in English. You can't say 'an information.' You can say: the information, some information, a piece of information. In what you wrote it sounds best to say 'some information.'
May 27, 2015
Hi Sorin! The first way is close but take out the word "ever." It should read, "why didn't I know that" or, "why didn't I know that before?" You need to say confusing I'm afraid. Perhaps remember it this way, "it is confusing and therefore I am confused."
May 27, 2015
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