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What does metrics mean? "Keeping your key metrics to a critical few doesn't mean you don't measure other things; it just means that all of the things you do measure aren't positioned on your dashboard. The most important reason we limit the number of key metrics to a critical few is to promote broad organizational focus. Properly chosen, four to six key metrics reside at the top, and are fed from below by pareto metrics to drive the performance of the business. The objective is to make your progress easier for everyone to understand and sign up to."
2015년 5월 27일 오후 10:40
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"Metrics" in this context just means, "the things that you measure." So the first sentence could read, "keeping the key things that you measure to a critical few doesn't mean you don't measure other things." The emphasis of this first sentence is on the word, "key." The author is trying to convey that just because some measurements are more important than others, and should be given special emphasis, doesn't mean you can't monitor other things as well.
2015년 5월 28일
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