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Where's the till/ cashier/ register? Are they all acceptable when used at a store? Thanks!
2015年5月28日 09:15
Answers · 8
You can also use the more generic term 'checkout' or ask 'where can I pay'?
You've got two excellent answers in the comments section.
Till (GB) and cash register (GB/US - but not just 'register) are the actual objects that the money goes into. A cashier is the person who handles cash, particular in a bank. As for the expression that a customer would use when shopping, I'd agree with Paddy. These days we tend to use the word 'checkout' for the area of the store where payments are made, and the commonest question for a shopper to ask is simply 'Where can I pay for this?' Members of staff might use the terms 'till' or 'cash register', but a customer probably wouldn't.
Thank you Paul and Brad :)
Yes, in America it's called a "cash register." The cashier operates it. Most Americans wouldn't know what a "till" was—it's British English.
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