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Bara Hamayde
question buying something from a store or shop what are the basics to get some one help you to find a wanted good, or to ask about using something or buying meat, or payment dialog with cashier ??
May 28, 2015 3:07 PM
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For making payment - have a look at this: Cashier’s / Clerk’s Questions: – Are you in the queue? – Are you being served? – Who’s next? – Next please! – How would you like to pay? – Will that be cash or credit? – Do you have a loyalty card? – Would you like a bag? – Can I help you with anything else? – Will that be all? – Would you like a gift receipt for that? – Would you like me to gift wrap it for you? – Would you like that gift wrapped? – Would you like any cashback? – Put your card into the machine please. – Enter your PIN please. – That comes to ….(price) please. – The total is ….(price). – That’s ….(price) please. Customer’s Questions: – Do you take credit cards? – Can I pay by cheque please? – Could I have a receipt please? – Could I have a gift receipt please? – Could you gift wrap that for me please? – Can I put one item back please? I’ve changed my mind about this one. – Could I leave my bags here, and pick them up later please? – Do you offer a cash discount? – Does it have a warranty / guarantee? Cashier’s / Clerk’s Responses: – We take / accept all major credit cards. – Sorry, we don’t accept cheques. – I’m afraid we take cash only. – We’re offering 6 months credit, with no deposit, if you’re interested. Customer’s Responses: – I’ll pay in cash – I’ll pay by card – Here’s ….(money), keep the change! – That’s it for today. – That’s all, thanks. – Thank you. Have a good day!
May 28, 2015
Bara here are some sentences to find general items. "Where is the fruit section?" "Do you sell ice cream here?" "Where can I find batteries?" "Where is the toothpaste?" "Can you point me to the medicine area?" "Where is the bakery section?" "Do you sell fresh seafood?"
May 28, 2015
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